Rudăria Watermill Reserve


The Rudăria Watermill Reserve is located in Eftimie Murgu (Rudăria), Caraş-Severin County.



The Rudăria Watermill Reserve is an ingenious and fascinating ensemble of small water mills made out of wood.  It was used to grind the grain of the community. The 22 water mills, which can still be seen today on both sides of the Rudăria River, are found both in and around the Eftimie Murgu village, Banat region.

All of the water mills date back to the beginning of the XX century. Once you get here you will find yourselves fascinated by the marvelous landscapes, the continuous humming of the mills and the locals’ hospitality.

Along with seeing how these water mills work, you will see that the water mills are still being used today as a meeting place to reminisce, marriage or just a way to keep old customs alive.  

Did you know?

Archeological evidence tell us that the horizontal water mills have been used in the Balkans and the Southern Carpathian region ever since the early centuries of the first millennium.

Conservation facts

Even though at the end of the 1990s its advanced state of degradation threatened its existence, the reserve was recently restored with the help of the specialists of the ASTRA museum. The water mills were brought back to life and to their original use and therefore increasing their tourist potential.

In 2003, a small ethnographic museum was opened belonging to the General School of the Eftimie Murgu village. The museum includes, among other things, a dismantled mill, where each component can be examined.