Topolniţa Gorges and Cave Nature Reserve


Topolniţa Gorges and Cave Nature Reserve are located in the territory of Cireşu town, Mehedinţi County. The area is crossed by the county road DJ607B that connects Marga with Cireşu.

Topolniţa Cave is open only one day per year, on its celebration day in the third Sunday of August. The galleries are not illuminated and the visit is done only with a tour.


Topolniţa Gorges and Cave Nature Reserve are unique geological formations of an unparalleled natural beauty. The narrow and picturesque gorges of Topoloniţa located at about 400-600 m altitude unfold into a 20km long beautiful landscape. The cave created by the Topolniţa River is one of the most spectacular and biggest caves in Romania which was found in 1880. However, even today, it still holds a lot of mysteries.

The cave simply fascinates with its five levels that shelters huge galleries. It is  25 km long and has very few places that can be accessed.

Among the most special forms and galleries there are the Loja, the Candle Forest, the Dwarves Hall or the Crystal Lake. This monument of nature is home to numerous bat colonies and mineral and paleontological elements of great scientific importance. Once you are in Mehedinţi Plateau make sure to visit Epuran Cave, Sfodea Cave or Schitul Topolniţei Monastery.

Did you know?

Topolniţa cave is the second largest cave in Romania and 17th in the world (10 m).

Conservation facts

Topolniţa cave is a speleological reserve and has been declared a monument of nature. It’s extremely valuable due to its richness in archaeological artifacts, mineral, paleontological and fauna elements.

The protected area is included in Mehedinţi Plateau Geopark. There are plans for this area to be introduced in tourist circuits.