Veterani Cave


The Veterani Cave is located on the left bank of the Danube, in the Ciucaru Mare Massif.

Access to the cave is only possible by boat on the Danube. The cave can be visited in any season, properly equipped and accompanied by a guide.

The best time to visit the cave is in the morning hours when you can see the unique atmosphere created by the sunlight coming through a spectacular opening in the cave’s wall.

Entrance fee: Yes.


Located in Cazanele Mari at 70 m high above Danube’s waters the Veterani Cave is a mysterious fossil cave with an imposing hall illuminated by a natural window.

Surrounded by many legends and myths, a former sanctuary dedicated to the Dacian god Zalmoxis, the Veterani Cave had many roles throughout time.

Its strategic position on the Danube was first capitalized by the Romans who built here a vantage point for the navigation along the river.

Later on the Austrian Empire transformed it into a military fortress during the Austrian-Turkey wars, almost 250 soldiers being able to shelter inside it. Between the two World Wars the cave was a hiding place for the outlaws.

Did you know?

In the centre of the cave there is a fountain called “The Turks Fountain” because it was dug by Turk prisoners.

Conservation facts

In the Veterani Cave many bear and hyena fossils were discovered but also some fossils belonging to endemic species. Also, the identification of some old pottery fragments show that the cave has been inhabited since prehistoric times.