The sculpture of Decebalus


The sculpture of Decebalus is located on Mraconia Valley, at about 18 km from Orşova town, in Caraş-Severin County.

It can be observed from the road and from a boat on the Danube.


The Sculpture of Dacian King Decebalus is the largest stone sculpture in Europe and it was built on the Danube’s Romanian bank. With its towering height of 40 m it watches over the Cazanele Mici area representing one of the most captivating tourist attraction of the region. The sculpture was done by 12 artists who have worked for 10 years and finally finishing in 2004.

The place was not chosen randomly because on the Serbian bank there is a memorial plate from the antiquity known as Tabula Traiana. This plate was erected by the Emperor Trajan to mark the entrance of the Roman legions in Dacia and its conquest.

Did you know?

The Sculpture of Decebalus is compared in its size with other big constructions in the world like the Statue of Liberty in New York or the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro.

Conservation facts

Since it is a relatively new sculpture, its state of conservation is good.