The Iron Gates Natural Park


The Iron Gates Natural Park is located on the administrative territory of Socol, Caraş-Severin County and Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Mehedinţi County.                                      

The natural park can be visited all year round.                                                                                                                                

Entrance fee: Yes.


The Iron Gates Natural Park is the second largest natural area in Romania, located in the southwestern part of the country.  The Danube is the southern boundary of the park. The park stretches over 115 665 ha and it includes 18 nature reserves among which the Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici Nature Reserve are definitely the most fascinating.  

The vertical rocky walls, which the Danube has carved into the mountain, will impress you with their greatness if you choose to admire them either from the boat or from the top of the mountain.

The Danube’s Gorge, the mysterious cave, the multicoloured meadows, the karst steep slopes and peaks, along with the multitude of plant and animal species, many of them are one-of-a-kind and protected, contribute fully to the unique beauty of this natural park.

Did you know?

Downstream from Orşova, right in the middle of the Danube, there was once a fascinating island, Ada Kaleh, which in 1970 was covered by water when the Iron Gates I Hydroelectric Power Station plant was built.

Conservation facts

The Iron Gates Natural Park is a sensitive area due to the fact that it has been affected by various activities from ecosystem-controlled destruction to inappropriate tourism.

Of these, the one with the greatest impact was the construction of the Iron Gates I Hydroelectric Power Station in 1970, which triggered significant changes in both natural and human ecosystems.

At present, the Iron Gates Natural Park has obtained UNESCO’s approval to become the second biosphere reserve in Romania after the Danube Delta.

As for its infrastructure, it has a few warning / information panels, while the paths and trails are not in the best conditions.