Izvoarele Nerei Nature Reserve


The nature reserve is located in the territory of Borlovenii Vechi, Caraş-Severin County.

The nature reserve can be visited throughout the year and you are required to wear proper mountain gear (danger of vipers).


In the Semenic-Cheile Caraşului National Park you will find a special protected area which is called Izvoarele Nerei. The name of the reserve in which  the Nera River runs through, comes from a series of springs which later form streams like the Coşava Mare and Coşava Mică. The reserve is priceless because here, on an area of about 5 000 ha, the most beautiful and extended virgin beech forests in Europe can be found. These 450 years old forests are home to some of the largest carnivorous animals like the bear, wolf, wildcat or lynx. Due to its wilderness a visit in the reserve can feel like going back to prehistoric times.

Did you know?

The forest from the Izvoarele Nerei Nature Reserve has the largest surface of beech virgin forests in Europe (excluding Russia).

Conservation facts

For 30 years the nature reserve has been the beneficiary of a full protection program. Even so the forests were threatened with illegal logging (a general problem for all Carpathian forests in Romania). In order to preserve this green treasure, the virgin forest from the Izvoarele Nerei Nature Reserve were included in the UNESCO World Heritage programme in 2017.