Tabula Traiana


Tabula Traiana is located on the Serbian bank of the Danube.

You can observe it from the Romanian bank with the help of binoculars or it can be photographed with a professional camera. Another way to admire it is by boat.


Tabula Traiana, which is found in the Danube Gorge, is a memorial plate which was carved in stone about 1900 years ago on the Danube’s Serbian bank at the order of Trajan, the Roman Emperor.

This monument is 4 m long and 1.75 meters high and was erected to mark the victories of the Roman emperor over Decebalus, the Dacian king, and his conquest of Dacia. This is the only surviving plate, out of the ten which were erected in the Danube Gorge. It also bears an inscription praising the Emperor Trajan and a bas-relief of two dolphins sitting next to an eagle.

Did you know?

In the 1960’s Tabula Traiana was lifted 30 meters so it would not be covered by the Danube when the Iron Gates dam was built.

Conservation facts

Despite the passing of time the conservation state of the monument is very good. It is one of the most important artifacts from the gorge area which is still very well preserved.