Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici Nature Reserve


The nature reserve is located in the territory of Dubova , in Mehedinţi County.

The reserve can be visited all year round and you are required to wear proper mountain gear (danger of vipers).


Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici Nature Reserve is part of the Iron Gates Natural Park and it overlaps the most narrow and spectacular segment of the Danube Gorge. With a length of 3.8 km, the Cazanele Mari are formed by the steep walls of Ciucaru Mare Massif, on the Danube’s Romanian bank, and those of Veliki Strbac, on the Serbian bank.

In the area of Cazanele Mari there are two caves: Ponicova and Veterani. Cazanele Mici is located between Ciucaru Mic and Mali Srbac massifs and is 3.6 km long.

In addition to the stunning relief pierced by the Danube waters, the nature reserve impresses with its vegetation and fauna which is actually specific to a sub Mediterranean area.

You will be fascinated by the atmosphere of  the numerous shrubs of wild lilac, small woods of downy oaks or Turkish hazel. You will also discover a few clearings where your attention will be grabbed by the iris  or the endemic tulip.

The fauna, specific to this area, is very rich in species. You can find here numerous bats, turtles, lizards or horned vipers.

Did you know?

The maximum depth reached by the Danube near the Cazane area is 75 m.

Conservation facts

In the Iron Gates Natural Park, several reserves have been designated as full protection areas, including the Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici Nature Reserve.

The ecosystems have suffered since the Iron Gates dam was built and currently are threatened by various economic activities.