Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park


Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park covers an administrative area of three counties: Caraş-Severin, Gorj and Mehedinţi.          

The nature reserve can be visited all year round and it is advisable to wear proper mountain gear (danger of vipers).

Entrance fee: Yes.


Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park is a great nature reserve in Banat Mountains which stretches over 61 211 ha and includes many fascinating nature reserves (Coronini-Bedina, Domogled Reserve, Iardaşiţa, Iauna-Craiova, Barzoni Cave, Cheile Corcoaiei, Ciucevele Cernei, Piatra Cloşanilor, Stan’s Peak and Ţesna Valley). Arriving in the park you will be amazed by the multitude of secular beech forests, spectacular gorges, steep limestone peaks, mysterious caves, clearings and meadows which create a wild landscape.

Various plant and animal species, many of them are one-of-a-kind and internationally protected, contribute fully to the unique beauty of the landscape. This park is suitable for ecotourism.

Did you know?

Băile Herculane resort is documented since AD 153, during the Roman occupation in Dacia.

Conservation facts

Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park is a vulnerable area due to the fact that it was affected by many illegal activities like deforestation, poaching or inappropriate tourism. In 2017 the virgin forest from the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage programme.

The reserve has a few warning boards, information panels, while the existing paths and trails are not in the best conditions.