Nera Gorges-Beuşniţa National Park


Nera Gorges-Beuşniţa National Park is located on the administrative territories of several settlements from Caraş-Severin County: Anina, Oraviţa, Bozovici, Cărbunari, Ciclova Română, Lăpuşnicu Mare, Sasca Montană, Şopotu Nou.

The national park can be visited all year round. It is advisable to wear proper mountain footwear (danger with vipers).

Entrance fee: Yes


Nera Gorges-Beuşniţa National Park represents a huge natural area in Banat Mountains which covers 36 758 ha and includes many fascinating nature reserves Nerei-Beuşnita Gorges, Izvorul Bigăr, Ducin, Ciclovei-Ilidia Valley.  

Once you find yourself here you will be amazed by the variety of secular forests, spectacular gorges, limestone steep slopes, mysterious caves, clearings and meadows which create the wild Banat landscape. The most spectacular landscapes can be found in the Nera Gorges, Devil’s Lake, Beiu’s Eye Lake, Bigăr Waterfall, the famous waterfalls of Beuşniţa or Şuşara which are just waiting to be discovered.

Did you know?

Bigăr Waterfall was named the most impressive waterfall in the world in 2013 according to the ranking made by The World Geography.

Conservation facts

Nera Gorges-Beuşniţa National Park is a vulnerable area  because it was affected by many illegal activities like deforestation, poaching or inappropriate tourism so in 2017 the Park’s virgin forest  was included in the UNESCO World Heritage programme.


The park has warning/information panels, paths / trails to visit.