Comarnic Cave


Comarnic Cave is located on the administrative territory of Iabalcea, Caraş-Severin County.

The best time to visit the cave is in May-August. The rest of the year the cave is flooded and the forestry trail becomes obstructed.

There is a guided tour and you need to wear mountain footwear.

Visiting hours: Saturday-Sunday 10:30- 18:00; Monday- Friday: only by appointment.

Ranger: Ifca Nicolae tel: +40763276349, +40733886421

Entrance fee: Yes.


Comarnic Cave represents a speleological reserve in Banat Mountains included in Semenic-Caraş Gorges National Park. The cave is found near Iabalcea village, halfway through the distance from Reşiţa to Anina, on DJ58B National Road. Here the waters of the Ponicova stream got lost underground and created a spectacular cave throughout the course of millennia. Comarnic Cave, with 6 203 m of galleries, impresses with its massiveness and richness of the karst elements which adorns it. It is rightfully considered to be the most beautiful cave in Banat and one of the most impressive ones in Romania.

Did you know?

Comarnic Cave is one of the few places in Europe where fossils of the cave bear were found, a species that  went extinct 15 000 years ago. It is thought that these bears could reach 3-4 m in height and weigh 1 000 kg.

Conservation facts

Comarnic Cave is a vulnerable area because it has suffered from many illegal activities like  fire, vandalism or inappropriate tourism. The cave has small improvements made by the Speleological Club Exploratorii from Reşiţa.