The Old Theatre “Mihai Eminescu”


Mihai Eminescu Old Theatre is located in Oraviţa, Caraş-Severin at 18 Mihai Eminescu street.

Contact: Tel: +40 761118067, Contact person: Prof. Ionel BOTA


Built in 1816 in the multi-ethnic town of Oraviţa, at the time when mining in the Banat Mountains was blooming, the Mihai Eminescu Old Theatre is a faithful copy at a small scale of the first theatre in Vienna, Burgtheater.

The oldest theatre in the Romanian space was built from rough stones upon the grounds of an old mine, preserving today the original rococo ornaments in the red and gold colours.

Although it never had his own band of actors, it hosted the band of the Royal Theatre in Madrid, the band of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Russian Imperial Orchestra, the Bucharest National Theatre.

Also it was here where George Enescu sang on its stage and Mihai Eminescu  worked in several shows as a prompter.

Did you know?

The lines in the plays were repeated in all the languages of those present in the hall, which made the performances very long.

Conservation facts

Presently, the conservation state of the Oraviţa Theater is good, it is accessible and often used for cultural events.

Also it houses the Cărăşeni Culture History Museum  with different sections.