Dealu Monastery


The Dealu Monastery is located in Aninoasa, Dâmboviţa County. To get to the church you have to take DN72 Târgovişte -Ploieşti on Mănăstirea Dealu Alley.

Entrance fee: Yes.



The Monastery Dealu has been watching the tumultuous history of Wallachia over five centuries. Built by the Prince Radu the Great (1330-1383), the church of the monastery of St Nicholas is an impressive monument of the Romanian Middle Ages.

Its name is associated with many historical figures such as Constantin Brâncoveanu when during his reign, the monastery flourished. Another notable historical figure is Michael the Great and  his predecessors.

Built from bricks and veneered with stones, the church kept its imposing aspect. The monastic ensemble includes the nun’s cells and a museum with valuable collections of old books, icons and an old golden cross which is locked up. This cross was donated by the Prince Matei Basarab.

Did you know?

The Dealu Monastery is where the head of Prince Michael the Great lays, in a marble sarcophagus.  

Conservation facts

Throughout times the Dealu Monastery has known periods of highs and lows.  At one point, it was also a prison. Greatly affected by two earthquakes in the 19th century, the monastery was in a poor state by the early 20th century. The monastery underwent restoration from 1953-1958 in order to  regain its former glory.