Ponoare Nature Reserve


The Ponoarele Karst Complex is located near Ponoarele,5 km from Baia de Aramă, Mehedinti County.

The Ponoare Cave can be visited with a guide and proper gear. The exit is near the Zătonul Mare Lake. The cave cannot be visited when the lake's waters are high because the cave’s galleries get flooded.


The Ponoare Nature Reserve is an unique karst complex in Romania, filled with special karst elements. Stretched on 100 ha in a picturesque area with extraordinary landscapes, “the piece of resistance” is represented by the Bridge of God. This is a natural bridge formed out of limestone which is located in the center of the village and it was formed when the walls of a cave collapsed.

Nearby you can explore Ponoarele Cave with its galleries of over 600 m in length. Zătonul Mare and Zătonul Mic lakes complete the karst scenery together with various limestone formations spread everywhere around the surrounding hills

Another nearby attraction which is worth visiting is the remarkable wild lilac forest found 2 km away from the village. It even has its own celebration at the beginning of May when many tourists and locals gather here to celebrate.

Did you know?

The wild lilac forest is unique in Romania, while the Bridge of God is the second largest natural bridge in Europe and the only one opened to traffic.

Conservation facts

The Ponoare Complex is a protected Nature Reserve overlapping with the Natura 2000 site- Mehedinţi Plateau.