Corcoaiei Gorges Nature Reserve


Corcoaiei Gorges Nature Reserve is located near Cerna-Sat village, Gorj County. The road through Băile Herculane up to Cerna-Sat village takes about an hour by car (about 40 km) and then it continues on a  gravel road to the gorges.

You can camp near the gorges.

Entrance fee: No.


The park hides many treasures and Corcoaiei Gorges is no doubt one of them. The beauty and the uniqueness of the gorges is due to the geological formations created by Cerna River. Its waters have cut through the rocky limestone, creating spectacular stone waves and an impressive 50 m long tunnel.

Even though the most spectacular part is not longer than 300 m, magnificent landscapes and the impressive landforms will accompany you while you explore the surroundings and their legends.

Don’t miss the Ţesna Valley, the Drastanicului Gorges or the Devil’s mill.

Did you know?

One of the legends that circulates in this area says that a dragon with five heads tried to escape from Iovan Iorgovan (a local hero similar to Hercules) by hiding in the mountains. In its journey it hit the rocks with its tail thus creating  the amazing Corcoaiei Gorges.

Conservation facts

Corcoaiei Gorges Nature Reserve is a protected area where ecotourism is successfully practiced.