The Cave Churches in Buzău Mountains


Many of the cave churches are located near Nucu, Aluniş and Ruginoasa villages, Buzău County.

To get to Nucu-Bozioru Complex you have to take DN10 road on the Buzău-Braşov route, then from Măgura village you take the route to Bozioru-Nucu. The road from here will continue  for another 10 km on an unpaved road.

Here you will find an information panel with the touristic trails (2,3,4).

In Bozioru there is a tourist information centre. 


Apart from the unique and fascinating natural phenomena, like the Living Fires or the Mud Volcanoes, the land of Buzău excels when it comes to mysteries and legends. At about 1000 m altitude in a wild scenery, you will discover 29 dwellings carved in stone, their origins dating back to the Iron Age. First serving  as shelters and worship places, they were later transformed by hermitages into small cells and Christian churches.

The main attraction is the mysterious ancient traces of an unknown writings carved all over on the walls of the caves.

In the Cozana Clearing, you will find three of the routes that will take you to discover some of the most famous dwellings.

An example is the Bottom of the Cave, where 200 symbols of ancient prehistoric writings, mostly of them representing depictions of weapons, are presently closed to the public.

Nearby you will discover Joseph's Cave or Dionisis’ Cell, where you will need to climb a ladder in order to get to it. In the same area, there are Agaton’s Cell, Crucea Spătarului or Fundătura. In Aluniş you will discover a church and seven cells carved in stone, where in the past there was also a monastic ensemble. Don’t miss the Ember Museum in Colţi village, located nearby, a one of a kind in Romania.

Did you know?

Buzău Mountains are surrounded by legends and myths representing a fascinating place for fans of the paranormal. This place also known as “Luana’s Country” is known for mysterious disappearances and unexplainable paranormal activity.  

Conservation facts

Due to the difficult accessibility, the cave churches kept their original state of preservation.