Rupea Fortress


The Rupea fortress is located in Rupea, Braşov County.

Inside the fortress, there is a Tourist Information Centre. Since it has been recently renovated, the fortress has two parking lots and it is illuminated by night thus offering a beautiful view.

Opening hours: summer - daily between 10:00-20:00; winter - daily between 10:00-17:00.

Entrance fee: Yes


Located 50 km from Braşov, the Rupea peasant fortress, one of the oldest archeological relics of Romania, was first mentioned in a document in 1324. Over the course of time it represented an important handicraft and commercial centre, but also a refuge in hard times.

Erected on a basalt massif towering the surroundings, the fortress used to have 100 chambers carved in stone, a deep well and four imposing towers, each with a designated role such as preserving food or scouting the area. From the Scouts Tower you can enjoy a fairytale-like scenery.

Did you know?

The basalt massif upon which the Rupea Fortress was built represents a geological nature reserve.

Conservation facts

Even though it is an important historical and cultural monument, Rupea Fortress was left in ruins for many years.

Its current preservation state is very good, as the fortress was entirely restored and since June 2013 is included in the tourist circuit. With a great deal of effort, its walls, towers and courtyard were rebuilt, as well as the main access road. Now it’s one of the main attractions of the area.