Voroneţ Monastery


The Voroneţ Monastery is located in the Voroneţ neighborhood of Gura Humorului town, Suceava county.
Entrance fee: Yes.




The Voroneţ Monastery is, without a doubt, the most well-known and visited monastery in Romania. Also called “the Sistine Chapel of the East” Voroneţ is famous for its exterior frescoes where the colour blue prevails, also known as “Voroneţ blue”.

Its uniqueness has given the monastery a world value that has led to its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Built in 1488 during the reign of Stephen the Great, the Voroneţ Monastery represents the artistic epitome of Moldavian Feudal art.

The impressive exterior frescoes depict various Biblical scenes, the most admired is that of the Last Judgement found on the western wall of the monastery.

If you are in this region do yourself a favour and visit the rest of the Bukovinian monasteries.

Did you know?

The Voroneţ Monastery was built in a record time: three months and three weeks.

Conservation facts

Due to its age, but also to its beautiful frescoes, the Voroneţ Monastery was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list next to seven other churches from Bukovina (Moldoviţa, Suceviţa, Arbore, Humor, Probota, Pătrăuţi, St John the New Monastery in Suceava).