Neamţ Monastery


The Neamţ Monastery is located in Vânători, Neamţ county.


You will discover the Neamţ Monastery, an architectural gem of Moldavia, located in the Nemţişor Valley.

Dating back to the 14th century, the Neamţ Monastery has undergone various modifications during the reigns of Petru Muşat, Alexander the Good and Stephen the Great, and it has stood the test of time thus reclaiming its name as the “Jerusalem of the Romanian Orthodoxism”.

The ensemble includes the church, the museum and a very old library, filled with thousands of historical documents and old books.
The church, erected by Stephen the Great, respects the elements of the Moldavian style, with an aesthetic and an elegance which bestows it with its own special greatness. The facades combine the Byzantine with Gothic elements thus completing its timeless beauty.

Neamţ county is known for the many monasteries so make sure you also visit Văratec, Agapia sau Sihăstria, just a few of the well-known monasteries in this area.

Did you know?

The Neamţ monastery is considered the oldest monastery in Moldavia dating back to the 14th century.

Conservation facts

The old buildings that you can still admire today at the Neamţ Monastery is the Stephen the Great Church and a part of the belfry.

The other buildings date from the 18th -19th century.