Suceviţa Monastery


The Suceviţa Monastery is found in a picturesque landscape at the foot of The Great Ridge Mountains, in Suceviţa, Suceava county.
Opening hours: Daily from 07:00 -21:00. The museum can be visited from 09:00.
Entrance fee. Yes.


The Suceviţa Monastery was built at the end of the 16th century by a wealthy family, the Movileşti family. Suceviţa Monastery is a Moldavian architectural jewel which combines Gothic and Byzantine elements. Its paintings transformed it into a landmark of universal art and it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortifications, which makes it a look like a medieval fortress harbors the cells, the chapel and a museum. In the museum, there are various exhibits which can be admired such as sculptures, embroideries, old books etc.

Did you know?

The Suceviţa Monastery was the last of the eight churches to have its exterior painted. At the same time, it is the monument that depicts the most religious images in Romania.

Conservation facts

Along with seven other churches from Bukovina (Humor, Moldoviţa, Arbore, Probota, Pătrăuţi, Voroneţ, St John the New Monastery in Suceava), the Suceviţa Monastery was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The exterior frescoes can be admired in their original form. These are the best-preserved exterior frescoes from any church in Romania.