Dragomirna Monastey


The Dragomirna Monastery is located in the forests of Bukovina, near Mitocu Dragomirnei village, Suceava county.
The hotel of the monastery offers accommodation.
Entrance fee: Yes.

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The fortified ensemble of Dragomirna church was built from 1602 to 1609. Built in the Moldavian style it stands out with its the solid and original appearance that gives it a unique elegance.

Within its fortifications you will discover the big church, the hermitage, the monks’ cells, the chapel and also the five towers of the fortification. The medieval frescoes, the floral motives and the exterior bas reliefs are so charming that the tourists will find themselves hopelessly fascinated by the serenity created by these elaborate architectural details.

Did you know?

The Descent of the Holy Spirit Church of the Dragomirna Monastery is considered to be one of the highest (42 m) and the narrowest (9 m) churches in Romania.

Conservation facts

In 2009 the whole ensemble of Dragomirna was renovated and restored.
We have to note that the restoration project of the 17th century frescoes was awarded with both the big prize for the preservation of the cultural heritage from the EU and Europa Nostra, and also the Audience Award.