Humor Monastery


The Humor Monastery is located in the forested hills of Bukovina, near Mitocu Dragomirnei village, Suceava county.

Entrance fee: Yes.


Built in 1530 in the Moldavian style by a local wealthy landowner, Humor Monastery stands out from other churches from the time of Stephen the Great due to the fact that it lacks the steeple and it has an open porch.

The Byzantine frescoes are vibrant and rich with colour, especially red. They decorate the monastery’s  interior and exterior walls thus giving it a priceless value for which it was granted a place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Monastery was fortified in 1641 and the watch tower from that period can still be observed today in the churchyard.

You will find various possibilities of accommodation in both Humor and Gura Humorului as well as tourist information points.

Did you know?

The ruins of the old church which was built at the beginning of the 15th century can still be observed at approximately 400 m from the present church.

Conservation facts

Both the monastery and the ruins of the old monastery were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with seven other churches from Bukovina (Moldoviţa, Suceviţa, Arbore, Probota, Pătrăuţi, Voroneţ, St John the New Monastery in Suceava).