Ineu-Lala Nature Reserve


The nature reserve is located in Rodnei Mountains in Bistriţa-Năsăud County on the territory of three villages: Leşu, Rodna and Şanţ. You can access the reserve from various points. In the summertime you can reach it by following two main paths which start in Rodna village. Follow the marked trails! An alternative to these two routes is a trail leaving from Cârlibaba, in Suceava county. If you wish to take a guided tour please contact the administration. In the summer they organize one day trips.

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Ineu-Lala Nature Reserve, with its two defining elements, Ineu peak of 2279 m and Lala glacial lakes complex, is part of the Rodna National Park. Lala Mare Lake is one of the biggest glacial lakes in Romania and is located just under Ineu peak at an altitude of 1815 m. Near it you can find its small replica, Lala Mica (Small Lala) Lake.

You have to put some effort in for the hike up to these lakes but rest assured, you will be rewarded  with fairy-tale like sceneries.

Towards the end of spring,  the meadows are covered with rhododendrons or alpenrose. The reddish scenery can catch the eye of even of the harshest of critics.

Due to its inaccessibility, many mountain enthusiasts come here to camp for a few days right in the middle of the nature.

Did you know?

The medium depth of the Lala Mare Lake is of 1.10 m. Its waters come from raindrops and melted snow collected in the cirque of a former Quaternary glacier.

Conservation facts

The Ineu Lala Reserve was created in order to protect the forms of the glacial relief, along with the flora and fauna species found nearby.