Bila-Lala Nature Reserve


The Bila-Lala Nature Reserve is located near Cârlibaba, Suceava county.

The Reserve has information and orientation panels.

Oficial site here.



In the Rodnei Mountains National Park, you can venture into the Bila-Lala Nature Reserve which is a landscape towered by the impressive Ineu and Inuet peaks.

The reserve is special due to its rich alpine flora and many species such as the rhododendron, swiss pine, lady's-slipper orchid or the edelweiss are protected here.

A hiking trip to here can be pretty tiresome, but you will be rewarded with the fascinating landscapes where amazing glacial landforms prevail (valleys, lakes and cirque).

Did you know?

The Big Lala Lake is one of the biggest lakes of the 23 which can be found in the Rodna Mountains.

Conservation facts

The Bila-Lala Nature Reserve is declared a protected area but this doesn't stop some of the problems which are caused by unsuitable forms of tourism.