Caraş Gorges


The Caraş Gorges are located on the administrative territory of Caraşova town, Caraş-Severin County.

The nature reserve can be visited all year round and it is advisable to wear proper mountain gear (danger of vipers).

Entrance fee: Yes.


The Caraş Gorges is a nature reserve in the Banat Mountains which stretches over 2 988 ha in the southwestern part of Romania, inside the Semenic-Caraş Gorges National Park. The natural area has one of the most spectacular sceneries in this part of Romania. Shaped as a canyon it has many plant and animal species along with wild beech forests. During spring and autumn the gorges are extremely beautiful.

You can reach the gorges from Caraşova by taking a walk along Caraş River. You have to visit the gorges on foot, since this is the only way you will have the chance to admire the vegetation, the caves and the magnificent wild sceneries.

Did you know?

In Caraş Gorges there are over 500 caves and shafts of different sizes.

Conservation facts

Even though the Caraş Gorges were designated a full protection area, it’s still a sensitive area due to the fact that in time it has suffered from various activities like illegal logging, poaching or inappropriate tourism. The site has warning boards, information panels, and also has paths / trails to explore.