Cuejdel Lake


The Cuejdel Lake is located in the territory of Gârcina, Neamţ county.

Located just 25 km from Piatra Neamţ, the shortest route to the lake is via the Piatra Neamţ-Gârcina-Cuejdiu route, then on the forestry road Cuejdiu-Buhalniţa, and further by foot up to the lake where you will find that the scenery is just extremely picturesque.

Around the lake area there are three gazebos from where you can observe the lake. You will find touristic info panels close to the hermitage in the Cuejdiu village.


The Cuejdel Lake which is located in the Stânişoarei Mountains is a natural dam lake similar to the Red Lake. It was formed by the landslides which began in 1978 and blocked the Cuejdiu River.

Due to its shape, the lake is also known as the Cross Lake and it can really leave a beautiful impression with its dark forests surrounding it, the great immense luster of its reflective waters and the strange beauty of tree trunks that rise out of the waters.

The lake can be reached only by foot through the forest so the serenity surrounding the lake remains undisturbed. The scenery is a feast to the eyes of every visitor. It can take about an hour to walk around the lake in order to admire it from every possible angle.

Did you know?

It’s the largest natural dam lake in Europe with an area of about 150 ha, an average depth of 10 m and a volume of water of 1 000 000 m³.

Conservation facts

In 2004, the Cuejdel Lake was declared a nature reserve. The deforestation in the area caused landslides thus triggering the formation of the natural dam, and in time, the natural lake.

At present, the lake is heavily affected by a clogging process that seriously threatens the existing ecosystems.