Bicaz Gorges


The Bicaz Gorge is located in the Bicaz-Hăşmaş National Park connecting Transylvania with Moldova. One can access the gorge from the DN12C road which connects Gheorgheni with Bicaz.

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Bicaz Gorge, the star of the Bicaz-Hăşmaş National Park, is a spectacular 5 km gorge formed by the Bicaz River. The landscape created by the river is one of the most impressive in Romania with vertical walls of 350 m in height which dominates the valley.

Numerous sightseeing spots cut in the rocky walls are found near the gorge and the scenery is completed by the wild landscape of the Red Lake, the place from where the Bicaz River starts its rough journey.

The reserve is basically filled with almost 200 caves and grottos. Some of the most interesting caves are the Suhard Cave, the Snow Cave, Jgheabul cu Gaură (Gutter Hole), the Waterfall Cave or the Three Entrance Cave.

The Bicaz Gorge is a paradise for the rock climbing and escalade enthusiasts.

Did you know?

When it was discovered, the Three Entrance Cave had the highest number of candlestick stalagmites in Romania.

Conservation facts

Due to the road that cuts through it, the gorge is a very popular attraction but at the same time there's a downside to this. Many of caves are affected by uncontrolled tourist activities. A good example is found at the Jgheabul cu Gaură Cave. This cave had many impressive rock formations which were damaged from vandalism.