Ceahlău National Park


The park is located in the area of Ceahlău, Bicazu-Ardelean, Taşca and Bicaz towns, Neamţ county.

You can gain access to the park from the DN12C National Road that connects Piatra Neamţ with Gheorgheni.

The park’s visiting centre is modern and offers information in a very interactive way.

It has a cinema that shows various films on the Ceahlău National Park and a garden where kids can play. The visiting centre is located in Izvorul Muntelui on 155F county road just right next to the information and fee point.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00; Monday: closed.

Entrance fee: Yes. The fees are used for ecologizing, maintaining the trails and promoting the area.

On the mountain there are no roads or cable cars.

Accommodation can be found at the foot of the mountain, in the Durău and Izvorul Muntelui resorts, while on top of the mountain you will find accommodation at the Dochia Cabin. As well, you can camp near the cabin.

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You will discover Moldova’s gemstone, the Ceahlău National Park, just 10 km from the Bicaz town, located between Bistriţa, Bistricioara and Bicaz Valleys. Many amazing legends surround the Ceahlău massif and some of these can even still be heard today.

One of these legends says that Ceahlău is home of the Dacian God Zalmoxes, and according to another legend, it is the second mountain of the Orthodox Christianity, after Athos Mountain. Because of this, you have the chance to admire the many monasteries such as Durău Monastery and Muntele Ceahlău Monastery.

The Ceahlău National Park is filled with imposing rocks along the seven hiking trails. These rocks bear very descriptive names such as: Toaca, Detunatele, Clăile lui Miron, Panaghia, Piatra cu Apă, Furculiţa (the Fork) etc.

On sunny days with clear skies, the climb up to Toaca can offer a fantastic and overwhelming view for passionate adventurers. A more accessible route is the one going up to the Duruitoarea Cabin. And if you are here at the beginning of August, you can take part in the Ceahlău Mountain Festival in the Durău Resort.

Did you know?

The Ceahlău Mountain is the premier mountain in Romania: in 1716 it was the first mountain in Romania to be mentioned in literature, in 1809 it was the first mountain to be hiked, and in 1840 it was featured in the first tourist guide about a mountain printed in Iaşi by Gh. Asachi.

Conservation facts

Established in 1955 the park has three protected areas: Ocolaşul Mare Scientific Reserve, the Lily Shelf Nature Reserve and Duruitoarea Waterfall and Big Aven Nature Monuments. Here you will find over 1 100 flower species and 90 bird and animal protected species.