Văratec Monastery


Văratec Monastery is located in Văratec, 40 km from Piatra Neamţ, Neamţ county.


In a natural picturesque scenery, at the foothill of Stânişoarei Mountains, Mother Olimpiada founded the Văratec Monastery in 1785, that in time came to be known as one of the biggest islands of Christianity in Moldova.

The church is built in the traditional Moldavian style with foreign influences from the 18th-19th centuries. The interior fresco dates from 1841 when the monastery was finished. After you pass the belfry you will discover the church, of a modest elegance, and a museum that houses the Collection of Old Church Art.

The cells, built after 1900, and the guest chambers, complete the monastic ensemble. Around the monastery you will find the monastic village, where you can admire traditional peasant houses set along the narrow streets.

Did you know?

Văratec Monastery is the largest convent in Romania, where more than 400 nuns live in harmony.

Conservation facts

The monastery’s ensemble is included on the historical monuments list of the Neamţ county.

The museum of the Văratec Monastery has numerous ancient icons from the 14th, 16th-17th centuries, silverware, epitaphs worked in gold and silver thread, etc. Within the Văratec Monastery there are several schools of monastic preparation and church embroidery, carpets, fabrics, church painting and decorative art workshops.