Dragoş Vodă Bison Reserve


The Dragoş Vodă Bison Reserve is located in the territory of Vânători-Neamţ.

The reserve is located 10 km away from Târgu Neamţ on the road that leads to the Neamţ Monastery.

Entrance fee: Yes.


There are four bison reserves in Romania and the Dragoş Vodă Bison Reserve was the second one where the European bison has been repopulated.

Established in 1968 the reserve is one of Neamţ county touristic symbols and is one of the three protected areas of the Vânători-Neamţ Natural Park.

The area of the reserve is over 11 500 ha and it has a zoo of 4 ha where the visitors can admire 6 specimens of bison. Other 25 bison live in an acclimatization area of the park. In the last few years many more bison were released into the wild.

The reserve is home to many other animal species such as stags, bears, wolves and also birds.

Neamţ county is filled with history and culture so you can easily combine a visit to the reserve with a visit of the nearby monasteries.

Did you know?

On March 22nd, 2012 the first bison was released into the wild in Romania.

Conservation facts

The Dragoş Vodă Bison Reserve is really important for the planned distribution of the bison. In the last years, the administration of the park has had many projects to modernize the area and create more natural shelters for the bison.