Bicaz Gorges-Hăşmaş Mountain National Park


The Bicaz Gorges-Hăşmaş Mountain National Park is situated in the Moldavian -Transylvanian Carpathians, covering areas from the Harghita and Neamţ Counties.

The park can be accessed from DN12C road which connects Gheorgheni with Bicaz. In Izvorul Mureşului resort, where there is the administrative headquarters of the park, there is also a tourist information centre where you can admire a collection of paleontological exhibits.

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The Bicaz Gorges-Hăşmaş Mountain National Park, which is located in the Hăşmaş Mountains, is a nature’s gemstone which fascinates its visitors all year round.

The Bicaz Gorges are very impressive due to its almost vertical limestone walls and the road that cuts through them is one of the most spectacular in Romania. The tourist attractions surrounding the gorges complete the natural wild landscape. The Red Lake, Şugău Gorges, Cheile Bicăjel Gorges, Lapoş Gorges, Munticelu Cave, Licaş aven, Hăşmaşu Mare Peak (1 792 m high) or the Piatra Singuratică (Lonely Stone) add to the greatness of this national park.

If you are a fan of hiking, you have 18 trails to choose from, all over the Hăşmaş Mountains. The park is also a heaven for rock climbers and bouldering fans, as they can find many trails here.

The park is also home to rare and endemic species of plants and animals. The big carnivorous animals are represented by bears, lynx, wolves, while the chamois take over the rocky areas. Culturally speaking, the Szekely and Moldavian styles entwine here and this is reflected in the wood and ceramic craft, or the traditional costumes.

When you get here, don’t miss the rural celebration “Armidem” which takes place on the first Sunday of May in the Bicaz area or the Saint Nicholas celebrations in Gheorgheni city which take place in December.

Did you know?

In 1937 in order to build the road that cuts through the Bicaz Gorges, portions of the vertical walls were blasted with dynamite.

Conservation facts

Due to the road that cuts through it, the Bicaz Gorges-Hăşmaş Mountain National Park is one the most visited national parks in Romania. For this reason it is heavily influenced by humans, and consequences from activities like inadequate camping, picking of flowers (which are protected by law), the noise which disturbs the animals and discarded waste cause serious damage to the ecosystems.

Each year the administration of the park organizes Junior Ranger camps for the purpose of teaching the youth to discover the virgin forests and other hidden treasures of the park.