The Cozia Mountains National Park


The Cozia Mountains National Park can be accessed from DN7 National Road in the direction of Râmnicu Vâlcea - Călimăneşti - Păuşa. The park is located 25 km away from Râmnicu Vâlcea, 45 km from Sibiu and 200 km from Bucureşti.

The park can be visited all year round (during the winter, the routes are more difficult in the snow) and it is necessary to have proper mountain gear.

For groups of 6-10 children, the administration of the park organizes Ranger camps in various parts of the park.

Accommodation is found on Cozia Peak at the Tourist Information Point. Further information can be found  at the parks administration.



The Cozia Mountains National Park is the perfect choice for those who love the unspoilt nature because they can find here a multitude of meadows, forests and spectacular landscapes.

From the Olt Gorge majestically unravelling at its feet, to its monastic places filled with history (Cozia, Stânişoara and Turnu) and its mineral water spas (Călimăneşti - Căciulata), the area offers all what a passionate traveler could wish for.  

Within the National Park there are many protected animal species such as the bear, wolf, wildcat or lynx but also flora species like the orchid, Snake's Head fritillary, feathered pink or Cozia rose.

Even though they are part of the Southern Carpathians, the Cozia Mountains are actually quite accessible due to their low heights (Cozia Peak - 1 668 m). For this reason,  the administration of the park has proposed 9 tourist hiking trails that you can try.

Here are a few accessible trails of 3 to 5 hours: Gara Turnu - Cabana Cozia (the red mark), Stânişoara Monastery -Cozia Peak (the blue mark) sau Brezoi - Poiana Târsa (the red dot).

Lotrişor Waterfall, with a height of over 30 m, the Man’s Gate or Zimbru-Brezoi Rocks are some of the attractions not to be missed.

There are various possibilities of accommodation in the area, so you will definitely find something you will enjoy!  

Did you know?

There are over 120 of bird species nesting in the Cozia Mountains National Park.

Conservation facts

The Cozia Mountains National Park is a favourable corridor for bird migration from Central Europe towards the Aegean Sea and vice versa. The dam lakes found here are the perfect environment for temporary stationing and even wintering of the waterfowl.

The Călineşti-Brezoi forest can be found within the park, another nature reserve of floristic (feathered pink, beech and evergreen oak forests), geomorphological and landscape importance.