Arnota Monastery


Arnota Monastery is located in Bistriţa village, Vâlcea County. The road up to the monastery is partially paved.


The small monastery of Arnota is located on a mountain cliff in the picturesque scenery of Căpăţânii Mountains at nearly 1000 m altitude.

Built between 1633-1634 by Prince Matei Basarab, whose tomb is found here, Arnota Monastery has a large view over the Horezu Depression.

Your effort of going all the way up on the winded road will be fully rewarded with a view that will take your breath away.

The church will impress you through the porch with a tower built later by Constantin Brâncoveanu. The centerpiece of the church is represented by iconostasis (wall of icons) in the Brâncoveanu style, a big aesthetic value. Next to it are the icons painted in the characteristic style of the Brâncoveanu period.

Did you know?

The legend says that Arnota Monastery was built by Matei Basarab in the memory of the Arnout (Albanian) who sacrificed his life in order to save the prince.  Instead he was killed by the Turks.

Conservation facts

The monastery suffered many modifications throughout time with the last big renovation being done between 1954-1958. That was also when a small religious museum with religious artifacts was opened here.