Polovragi Monastery


Polovragi Monastery is located near the village of the same name, Gorj County.


Right at the entrance in Olteţului Gorges, which separates Căpăţânii Mountains from Parâng Mountains, you will discover Polovragi Monastery, a monument which has been around this picturesque landscape for over 500 years. Initially built in 1505 by the members of a wealthy family from this area, the monastery has suffered many reconstructions and modifications along the centuries.

At the entrance of the monastery you will be welcomed by a beautiful massive wooden gate.  This beautifully carved belfry dates back to Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu.

The open porch built in the Brâncoveanu style is supported by massive stone columns. Inside the church you can admire its altar created from lime tee wood with many floral embellishments.

What makes it so unique are the valuable paintings of the porch, made by a Greek painter.

If you fancy a hike afterward you can follow the forestry road down the Olteţului Gorges and Polovragi Cave, located behind the monastery.

Did you know?

According to legends at the beginning of the 1800s, the monks have hidden the treasures of the monastery in the waters of the Olteţ River.

Conservation facts

Big renovations were carried out between 2006 and 2012.

The monastery has a valuable collection of old icons painted on wood,glass and old books in Romanian, Greek and Slavic languages summing up to 3000 volumes.