Trovanţi Museum Nature Reserve


The museum is located about 8 km from Horezu in the administrative territory of Costeşti, Vâlcea County. It’s an open-air museum and the access of vehicles is not permitted in the nature reserve. There is an information panel at the entrance.

Entrance fee: No.


The nature reserve is not the only reserve of its kind in Romania but it certainly is the most spectacular and the only one open for visiting.

Trovanti are weird ball-like objects formed out of sand and gravel.  Their rounded shape was created by natural processes.

The most plausible theory about their shape is that the sand cemented thousand of years ago after some seismic activities. The Trovanti come out as locals exploit the sand in the area. Visiting this place is definitely an unique experience not to be missed if you are in the area.

Did you know?

The Trovanti are most popular known as the “living stones” because it seems that after heavy rains they grow in size.

Conservation facts

Trovanţi Museum Nature Reserve is a geological nature reserve administered by Kogayon Association, a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the environment. In the future, the museum will be arranged with fence and platform so that the Trovanti can be admired from above.