Horezu Monastery


Horezu Monastery is located near Romanii de Sus village, Vâlcea County. You can take the DN 67 National Road from Râmnicu Vâlcea then turn left for Romanii de Sus village right before entering Horezu.

The monastery offers accommodation.


Located in a natural setting at the foot of Căpăţânii Mountains, Horezu Monastery is considered to be the masterpiece of the Brâncoveanu style.

The name of the monastery was inspired by a night bird species called “huhurez”. According to the legend, the builders worked at night and their song protected them from the Ottoman invasion.

The ensemble of the monastery built between 1690-1693 has two enclosures: the exterior, protected by its massive walls and the interior, where the monastery is found. The church harbors a priceless portrait gallery depicting the builder of the monastery Constantin Brâncoveanu with his family. Its exterior impresses with its floral embellishments which is very meticulously painted on the arches and columns.  

Did you know?

The Horezu Monastery was built after the Curtea de Argeş Monastery.

Conservation facts

Due to its priceless cultural value the Horezu Monastery was included in 1993 in UNESCO World Heritage. The monastery has workshops where carpets are handmade and religious paintings are created with old traditional techniques.