Enisala Medieval Fortress


Enisala Fortress is located near the village of the same name on the banks of Razim Lake.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00. Monday closed.

Entrance fee: Yes.


Enisala Fortress has been overlooking the Dobrogea region for over 700 years from the top of the limestone hill which divides the Razim and Babadag Lakes. It is one of the most well preserved medieval fortress in Romania.

Strategically built by the Byzantine Empire and the Genoa commercial powers at the intersection of some important commercial routes, Enisala Fortress had a role of surveillance and defense.

After Dobrogea was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, the fortress became a Turkish garrison. Throughout centuries the fortress stood strong against various confrontations, thus remaining a silent witness to the passing of time.

Nowadays the fortress enjoys being a special tourist attraction as it is included in the itineraries of many tourists from all over of the world.

During the summer, a yearly festival is organized here which highlights the local traditions and music.

You also have to visit the households preserved in Enisala village, a museum which preserves the traditional architecture from the northern Dobrogea.

Did you know?

Enisala fortress was built in a Black Sea bay which was blocked by sand thus forming the Razim Lake.

Conservation facts

Enisala fortress is the only medieval fortress in Dobrogea still standing after the Russians gave the order to destroy all the Turkish outposts after the Russian-Turkish war (1877–1878).

Abandoned for centuries the fortress of Enisala has recently undergone  a partial reconstruction process aiming to bring it back again on the tourist map of Dobrogea.