Histria Fortress


Histria Fortress is located in Istria, Constanţa County. The complex includes the Histria Museum and the ruins of the Roman-Greek city.

Opening hours: summer 08:00-20:00; winter: 09:00-17:00.

Entrance fee: Yes.


The ruins of ancient Histria fortress built in the 7th century BC in a bay at the Black Sea, are located today on the bank of Sinoe Lake. The fortress was the first Greek colony on the western shores of the Black Sea.

The strategic position and the flourishing trade between the Greek and Geto-Dacian merchants allowed the fortress to flourish for at least 1300 years up until the Roman Byzantine times. Today the defense walls, the towers and the bastions along with the paved roads are still visible. The ruins of the Greek temples and the Christian basilicas can still be admired today.

To better understand the site’s 2000 year old history, you must first visit the Histria Fortress Museum where you will be introduced to the ancient atmosphere through the numerous exhibits found here. These exhibits are arranged by the two most important (or famous) periods of the fortress, the Hellenistic and Roman periods, which will successfully transport  you back to the ancient times.

Did you know?

The Greek fortress of Histria is the oldest settlement in Romania.

Conservation facts

The Histria Fortress is listed a European Heritage site since 2007. In 2001 the fortress went through a large rehabilitation process.