Sărăturile Murighiol Nature Reserve


Sărăturile Murighiol Nature Reserve is located in the territory of Murighiol, Tulcea County, close to Danube Delta’s arm the St George. To get to the reserve you must follow the county road that connects Murighiol to Plopul.

The birds can be watched from a distance with the binoculars. The protected area can reach up to 5 m from the water.

Entrance fee: No.


As part of the Danube Delta Nature Reserve, the protected area of Sărăturile Murighiol is a wonderful wetland area, with brackish waters, located along the bank of the Danube.

The lakes, ponds and reeds hide many bird species and offers excellent food, shelter and nesting conditions.

Even without entering the restricted area you can observe some of the common species specific to the Delta such as the common tern, the stilt, the pelican, the heron, the red duck, the geese or the western marsh harrier.

The water landscapes impress with their dark blue colours due to the mud waters rich in salts and mineralized mud which can also be used as a therapeutic treatment.

Nearby you can visit the Halmyris monastery and Roman fortress and also the church and the archeological site of St George’s Church located in Murighiol.

Did you know?

The Sărăturile Murighiol Nature Reserve has a surface of 87 ha.

Conservation facts

Sărăturile Murighiol Nature Reserve is a protected area of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. This wetland is especially important to both migratory and local bird species.