Danube Delta – the Biggest Wetland in Europe/Photo Tour

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Dan Dinu offers you a unique experience: a photo tour in Danube Delta.

At the meet point with the Black Sea this mighty river forms the Danube Delta, the largest wetland in Europe. Because of the huge number of species of plants and animals that live here, more than 5,000, the Delta has one of the greatest biodiversity in the world, standing near the Great Coral Reef or the Amazon Forest. This is a wildlife paradise, especially for birdwatchers or nature photographers.

In the Danube Delta there is the largest reedbed expanse in the world and the total number of birds that can be seen here is exceeding 300 species, more that half of the total number of species of the entire continent. Among them it points out Europe’s largest population of white pelican, 60% of the world population of pygmy cormorant and 50% of the world population of red-breasted geese.

Depending on the season and the water level, the abundance of birds can vary; however, in any period of the year there are enough interesting species to satisfy any photographer or birdwatcher.

The Danube Delta is included in the UNESCO World Heritage, is a Biosphere Reserve and is on the WWF list of the most important 200 eco-regions in the world.
Photographic highlights:

  • bird photography from the boat or mobile hides
  • traditional villages and fishermen
  • typical landscape
  • Letea forest, the most nordic subtropical forest in the world
  • orchids and water lilies

Best period: April – May and September -October
Recommended number of days: 5-7
Recommended number of participants: 4-10

What we offer:

  • local photographer with an experience of more than 8 years in leading photography courses, workshops and + photo tours in Romania and all over the world (English speaking)
  • local guide and birdwatcher
  • accommodation at local guesthouse
  • delicious traditional food based on fish
  • boat transportation and fuel
  • airport transfers

For a detailed schedule and a price estimation please feel free to contact us. We are open to any suggestion and of course we can arrange longer photo tours which can cover the main photographic attractions of Romania.