Danube Delta Complete Tour

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Mai - Septembrie550 RON Murighiol

Discover the Danube Delta through the eyes of a native, Eduard Acsente, son of a fisherman and descendant of the Cossacks of Saint George, a travel guide with love for the water realm-his home. Eduard practices a sustainable tourism that supports local values. With him you will find stories and legends about the genesis, history, traditions, culture and customs of this region.

You can take your time to observe the luxurious vegetation and both the indigenous migratory birds of this aquatic paradise.
Listen to the authentic stories of the delta and let yourself be carried through the history and legends of Dobrogea and its mosaic of cultures, indulge your taste buds with traditional dishes and excellent wines of Dobrogea!

One of the circuits proposed by Eduard is the complete tour of the Danube Delta.

The route is as follows: Murighiol, Erenciuc canal, Eranciuc lake, Mocansca canal, Puiu lake, Caraorman canal, Crişan village, Sulina branch, Eracle canal, Jacob’s backwater, Stipoc canal, Hermitage St. Athanasius, Pardina canal, Tătaru branch, Chilia branch and the village, Periprava village, Cernovca branch, Sulimanca canal, Merheiul Mic lake, Merhei lake, Letea canal, Letea village, CA Rosseti, Letea forest, Mila 2 Sulina, Busurca canal, Roşuleţ lake, coastal canal.

Visit all the Danube branches, listen to stories about the genesis of the delta and its history, observe the birds and listen to their stories, see the border with Ukraine and part of the town of Vâlcov, then the forest of Letea.

Duration: about 11 hours

Transport:  a Corsar 630 8 + 1 boat, 70 HP engine; moving at an average speed of 40 km / h, vinyl-covered benches and shelter for sun protection; you will receive life jackets (including for children).

Cost: 550 RON / person (safari and traditional meal included).

Tour by Diamar Tour.