Trip to Mila 23 & Caraorman Forest

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Mai - Septembrie400 RON / pers Murighiol, România

Discover the Danube Delta through the eyes of a native, Eduard Acsente, son of a fisherman and descendant of the Cossacks of Saint George, a travel guide with love for the water realm-his home.

Eduard practices a sustainable tourism that supports local values. With him you will find stories and legends about the genesis, history, traditions, culture and customs of this region.

One of the tours proposed by Eduard is a tour in the Mila 23 village and Caraorman forest with departure from Murighiol.

Route: Murighiol-Danube- Uzlina Canal- Uzlina Lake- Isac Lake- Litcov canal-Caraorman Canal-Crişan- Dunărea Veche-Mila 23- Dunărea Veche- Caraorman Canal – Caraorman – forest safari (where you will see wild horses, secular oaks, sand dunes, jackal burrows), the local church (traditional lunch at a local)- Caraorman Canal-  Puiu Lake- Mocansca Canal – Erenciuc Lake-Erenciuc Canal (black alder reserve), Dunăre- Murighiol

Duration: about 7 hours.

People: minimum 4 people

Transport:  a Corsar 630 8 + 1 boat, 70 HP engine; moving at an average speed of 40 km / h, vinyl-covered benches and shelter for sun protection; you will receive life jackets (including for children).

Cost: 400 RON/ person (safari and traditional meal included), minimum 4 persons; 375 RON/ person for group of 5-8 persons.

Tour by Diamar Tour.