Mud Volcanoes Nature Reserve


The Mud Volcanoes Nature Reserve is located near Berca, Buzău County. You can gain access in the reserve via a road with tourist trails and parking lots.

In Berca, there is a Tourist Information Point.

Entrance fee: Yes.


The reserve includes the protected areas of Pâclele Mari and Pâclele Mici which formed a landscape considered by many a moon like landscape. This spectacle is not unique in the world but due to its size, it is one of the biggest in Romania and Europe. The mud volcanoes from Pâclele Mici are a nature reserve of about 10 ha. Here you can admire the craters of the active volcanoes where the mud is being formed.

At the Pâclele Mari located close by the Pâclele Mici, you will find a larger area with tall volcanoes with big cones, but in a small number and inactive.

Did you know?

The mud volcanoes phenomenon is actually a gas discharge which on its way to the surface takes the phreatic waters with rocks such as sandstone, diorite sand and clay and projects them to the surface thus creating the liquid mud.

Conservation facts

The spectacular volcanoes were declared a nature’s monument since 1924. The whole area is a Nature 2000 Site and Pâclele Mici and Pâclele Mari are declared nature reserves.