The Living Eternal Fires


The Living Fires are located near Terca, Buzău County.

The access is pretty difficult because of the lack of infrastructure. Once you are in Terca on the Buzău - Mărăcineni - Sapoca - Mânzăleşti - Lopătari  -Terca route, you can continue with a 4x4 for 7 km of an unpaved road. Unfortunately the road is not accessible when it rains.

Once you are in Terca you have to go by foot up the Slănic stream to a wooden bridge.  There you take a left and onto the path that goes up the hill to the Living Fires. You will find a few information panels along the way.

Entrance fee No.


After the unique Mud Volcano, in Berca, Buzău County hides, literally, another treasure, a very rare, natural wonder, known as the Living Fires. Located on a hill on the left bank of the Slănic stream, this spectacular phenomena is formed when  natural gas combines with oxygen as it travels up to the surface. It then bursts into flames once it reaches the surface. These fires are more visible and more spectacular at night. Other places that you can visit nearby are the Mocearu Lake, Meledic Plateau, the White Mountain or Grunjul from Mânzăleşti. You will find here a few guesthouses to spend the night.

Did you know?

Depending on the pressure of natural gas, the flames can reach heights of 20-30 cm or even 1 m.

Conservation facts

The Living Fires area was declared a geological reserve in 1995.