Tismana Monastery


Tismana Monastery is located near Tismana Gorj County. Follow the National Road DN67 direction Râmnicu Vâlcea -Târgu Jiu, and then DN67D up to Tismana. The monastery offers accommodation.


Surrounded by rocky mountains and large forests, the Tismana Monastery looks like a fortress that looks out over the area for over 600 years. The name itself “tismane” a geto-dacian toponym, means “fortification”, “citadel”.  

As the oldest monastery from Wallachia, the Tismana Monastery has always represented an oasis of culture and a pillar of the Orthodox Christianity.

The tomb of its builder Saint Nicodim can be admired in the monastery's porch.

At present the monastery can be considered a true museum of the past, an attraction not to be missed whether you might want to recollect or just to admire this medieval jewel.

Did you know?

In 1944, the National Bank’s treasury was hidden here so as not to fall in the hands of the Russian army. In August 2016, a museum was opened here by the bank to commemorate the event.

Conservation facts

The Tismana Monastery has a museum in which old wooden icons, books and other religious artifacts are on display.

Other valuable exhibits have been transferred to the Romanian National Art Museum.