Mila 23


The fishermen village Mila 23 is located right in the heart of Danube Delta, on the Old Danube which is a branch of the Sulina channel and is located approximately  53 km from Tulcea.

The village can be reached only by boat.


Inhabited by fishermen, mostly Lipovans, Mila 23 is one of the most well-known and picturesque villages of the Danube Delta. Located at the heart of the delta on a lobe where the houses are neatly lined up, Mila 23 village is an excellent point from where you can start your Delta exploration.

You will discover wonderful landscapes and many different bird species which complete the delta’s charm in various areas such as Rădăcinos, Ligheanca, Bogdaproste, Trei Iezere lakes or in Şontea, Eracle, Lopatna and Olguţa channels. You can also visit an ethnographic museum which will shed some light on the everyday lives of the people of the delta.

For the recreational fishing aficionados, Mila 23 village is truly a place not to be missed.

Did you know?

Mila 23 village is called the “Champions Village”  because this is the birthplace of the Olympic champion Ivan Patzaichin.

Conservation facts

The „Ivan Patzaichin—Mila 23“Association is very active in promoting the ecotourism and the sustainable development in the Danube Delta, organizing many projects that help to sustain the authentic life in the delta. Mila 23 village was and still is the starting point of many initiatives to sustain the ecotourism in the delta.