Letea Forest Nature Reserve


Letea Forest Nature Reserve is located in the northern part of the Danube Delta in the territory of Letea village, 23 km from Sulina.

The reserve can only be accessed by foot and should be done carefully in order to protect the vegetation and fauna. We recommend visiting it with a local authorized guide, the responsible way to enjoy the Danube Delta.


The Letea Forest is a unique place in Romania and a visit here will leave you with some unforgettable experiences. Formed as sheets on the sand dunes, the Letea Forest fascinates with its Mediterranean look with its vegetation such as the wild vine, tropical creepers or the old man's beard.

Contributing to this uniqueness are the various plant species of oak, cottonwood, ash and linden tree and the fauna species such as white-tailed eagle, falcon, raven and many insect species.

The Letea Forest is a northern subtropical forest where about 5 000 plant species and other 2 000 insect species find here the perfect growing conditions.

For around the last 25 years, there is a group of wild and abandoned horses who have attracted curious tourists to the area.  

Due to its isolation the Letea village has the some of the most best preserved traditional houses in the Delta.  However due to the harsh living conditions, young people have left the village.

The Letea forest is a site for the avid nature aficionados.

Did you know?

The Letea Forest is the oldest nature reserve in Romania as it was founded in 1938.

Conservation facts

Letea Forest Nature Reserve is a protected area of the Danube Delta.

Out of the 5 000 ha only a small part represents the strictly protected area.