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The Church is located in Dârjiu village, Harghita County. Every Wednesday you can witness the „ham ceremony“, and if you register in advance, for a fee you can also have a taste of the local products.

Contact for the church key: 40 266 222 183

Entrance fee: Yes


The fortified church of Dârjiu was built in 1270 in a Romanesque style. At the beginning of the 16th century Gothic arcades were added. In the 16th century due to the Ottomans assaults, the church was fortified with massive stone walls, bastions and a 38 meters high tower.

What makes it stand out are the 15th century murals and the fact that it’s still the place where the villagers store their food. For this fact it is also known as the “Ham Fortress”. In the bastions’ chambers, each family had one or more nails from which to hang the ham, its numbers also representing the prosperity of a family. They also stored grains, palinka, and other goods.

Once you get here don’t be afraid to lose yourself on the streets, admire the beautiful coloured houses and just to observe the everyday life of the locals.

Did you know?

A solar clock that has been placed on the southwestern tower in 1662 is still telling time.  

Conservation facts

Placed in the middle of a strong community, the state of preservation of the church is a good one, with the locals still preserving the ancient customs of this community and continuously contributing to its rehabilitation.

It is important to note that the fortified church of Dârjiu is the only Hungarian church in Romania to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage.