Osoi Cave


Osoi Cave is located in the Pădurea Craiului Mountains near Vârciorog, Bihor county. You can get here by following the forest road which goes along the Poieni Valley and connects Vârciorog with both Aleşd and Beiuş.

The route is quite demanding. It has many sectors which can only be traversed by crawling.

Therefore it is recommended only to the speleologists and to the people with a good physical condition. Salvaspeo Bihor, the mountain rescue team, organizes tours; more information here.



Vârciorogului area from Pădurea Craiului Mountains is abundant with caves, and the spectacular Osoi Cave is just one of these caves. With a length of 4 km the cave is very impressive with its labyrinth of huge halls located near the entrance.

The halls are decorated with many columns and stalagmites, some of them even reaching a height of 4 m like the ones found in the Stone Forest Hall, which is the symbol of the cave. If you are  passionate about speleology and adventure then Osoi Cave is definitely worth the visit.

Did you know?

There are about 340 caves and sinkholes known in the Pădurea Craiului Mountains.

Conservation facts

The Osoi Cave is a protected area included in the Crişul Repede-Pădurea Craiului Gorge, a site of local importance.