Crişul Repede Gorge Nature Reserve


Crişul Repede Gorge Nature Reserve is located on the administrative territory of Vadu Crişului and Şuncuiuş, in Bihor county, in the Pădurea Craiului Mountains, 60 km from Oradea.

The nature reserve is crossed by the county road DJ 108I.

If you want to visit the caves such as the Wind Cave you have to make an appointment ahead.


A major attraction of the Pădurea Craiului Mountains, Crişul Repede Gorge Nature Reserve impresses with the beautiful landscapes, but especially with its large number of caves that attract amateur speleologists from all over of the world. The most spectacular ones are the Vadu Crişului Cave, the Ungurul Mare Cave, the Osoi Cave or the Wind Cave, all suitable to arranged to receive tourists.

Besides the usual mountain hikes that can be done to admire the area's specific flora, the reserve is a paradise for mountain biking, climbing, rafting or kayaking.

The idyllic landscapes are complemented by the beauty of the traditional villages where you can admire the old wooden churches or interesting water mills.

Moreover, during the warm season the area is animated by numerous local events such as folk festivals or traditional fairs (Vama Sării or Vadu Crişului).

You can find a myriad of places to stay with many camping and guest houses being located along the gorge.

Did you know?

The Wind Cave is the longest cave in Romania, with no less than 56 km long.

Conservation facts

The Crişul Repede Gorge is a mixed nature reserve and is included in the Crişului Repede Gorge - Pădurea Craiului Natura 2000 site.




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